Backed with our extensive experience plus the equipment, facilities and know-how to get the job right, Boston Environmental provides superior soil management services for projects, large and small throughout New England. Whether utilizing a company-operated facility or an independent site, we identify the appropriate location for any number of contaminated or clean materials and provide the turnkey services that fit your needs and budget.

We presently operate two facilities for the disposal of contaminated soils. The Haverhill Landfill is an unlined former municipal solid waste landfill that is accepting soils for shaping and grading under the MA DEP’s Policy numbered COMM 97-001. We have an operating agreement that allows us to accept up to 500,000 tons of sotils at this facility.

Second is the Blue Hills Cemetery soils disposal handling site – a two-phase filling project designed to develop additional area for cemetery uses. Phase One, consisting of 340,000 cu yd of <RCS1 soils and various site improvements, was completed in 200?. 3. Phase II, currently underway, involves the placement of an additional 1,500,000 cu yd of similar soils, by 20??.

In addition, we have preferred pricing agreements with other disposal facilities, including lined Subtitle D and Subtitle C landfills, asphalt batch plants, and soil treatment facilities.

Call us today for more information on Boston Environmental’s soil management services. Competitive pricing estimates are available immediately upon completion of testing and approval by our Licensed Site Professional.


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